My name is Alicia and this is the first time I'm taking a web design class which I am actually pretty excited for. I am a Junior in Queens College and my major is Graphic Design. I've always wanted to be a Graphic Designer since I've been 12 years old; So I am finally pursuing my dreams. At this point, I'm not really sure what I'm going to make this blog about so there's going to be a lot of random stuff on here. I'll eventually figure it out though, lol. A little bit about me: I'm 21 years old; just trying to enjoy my youth at this point and have fun! (and of course, also staying focused on school). I love hanging out with my friends/family and....watching Netflix lol. I'm currenly obsessed with Grey's Anatomy. But I have watched many shows like, Law and Order: SVU, Orange is the New Black, Sense 8, The Fall and Empire. I would like to say I'm a down to earth person. Soooo yeah this is pretty much it. Follow my Instagram:) !

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